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Helpful Packing Tips for your Move

August 19, 2016


After touring many homes in Gainesville, GA you have finally found your dream home. Though moving is a very exciting process, packing up your home on the other hand can be downright dreadful. Use these packing tips to help make your move easier.

  1. Boxes, boxes, boxes – You can never have enough boxes when you’re moving. Save money by getting moving boxes from places such as a liquor store or grocery store.
  1. Categories – Organize and pack your belongings by category. Sort through all of your books, clothes, shoes, etc. and label accordingly.
  1. Cotton balls – Protect your cosmetic mirrors by placing cotton balls in them.
  1. Dresser drawers – You don’t have to take your clothes out of your dresser drawers. Use heavy duty plastic wrap to safeguard your drawers and secure the items in them
  1. Electronic cords – Keep your cords together by putting them in zip lock bags. Don’t forget to label your cords so that you remember what they belong to.
  1. Hanging clothes – Your clothes don’t belong in crammed boxes. Use trash bags or garment bags to pack up for your move.
  1. Overnight bags – For your convenience pack an overnight bag that includes toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothes, and work clothes.
  1. Picture perfect – Take a photo of your electronics before you start to disassemble them. This will help you remember how the wiring was set up when it’s time to reassemble them in your new home.
  1. Screws and bolts – Place these in plastic baggies and tape these to the inside or underside of your furniture.
  1. Wine case boxes – These work extremely well for transporting your stemware. Wrap your glasses up with tissue wrap before placing them in the boxes and place bubble wrap over them.

We hope these tips will help make the transition from your old home into one of our Chestatee Cove homes in Gainesville, GA smoother. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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